Mountain Creek

Mountain Creek

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My time at Mountain Creek is one that created such a vast array of experiences, I will truly never part with it.  Originally hired as a lift attendant, I spent numerous winters as a seasonal employee at the resort.  Working my way through various departments and new experiences, I eventually landed in the marketing office, as a coordinator of sponsorships and events.  During my time at Mountain Creek, our team functioned across mainstream and endemic channels to secure resort-wide sponsorship, coordinate and execute weekly events, create stories to aid in ticket and retail sales, work with national and local media, partner with key events outside the resort, and launch (at the time) one of the largest terrain parks in North America known as “South”.

This was an experience that allowed me to truly use my knowledge of the resort functions to their full potential, exude my passion, and develop my career from a talented group of people.

The following list highlights events that I had a direct hand in including conception, sponsorship, and on-snow/resort execution.  Promotion included digital, print, and viral including press releases, resort newsletter updates, resort landing page, a dedicated event microsite, social media and email blast’s, and info-cards around the resort and town businesses/event location.

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