Zoo York

Zoo York

Website re-launch

During my time with Zoo York, this was an ongoing project.  When I initially started, the website was a mess, especially the product section.  How is a company supposed to sell clothing online if the customer can barely navigate the site?  Therefore, there was a calling for a complete overhaul.  The first part of this task was to obtain product CAD’s and sales sheets and find out which products were put into production.  The next task was to create a database that categorized all of the products.  Products were broken down first between season, then gender.  After this, categories included the type of clothing (tees, knits, accessories, outerwear, and so on).  For each product; style numbers, names, colors, and fabric type had to be listed properly.  After building these databases for mens and women’s collections for winter 08, spring, summer, and fall 09, I had to find the clothing.  After picking each seasons clothes from the sample racks, I worked with the in-house photographers to create pictures of each piece of clothing.  After importing these into photoshop, our team worked together to clip the backgrounds out of the pictures and then create 3 images (thumbnail, full size, and detail) for each product.  These file names were attached to the database for easy retrieval.  After this preparation, I had to access our product uploader for our website and enter in all of the information and attach the appropriate pictures.

Zoo York Website

Product Seeding

One of my ongoing tasks throughout my time with Zoo York included the management of product seeding and sneaker placement among influential media and tastemakers including; TransWorld, Details, Inked, Maxim, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Journal, Nylon, Complex, SLAM, XXL, Juxtapoz, YRB, Spin, FOCUS Skateboard Mag, SLAP, The Skateboard Mag, Fuel TV, EXPN, SkateboardRev.com.  We successfully seeded over 70 publications and key influencers throughout the NYC, LA and Chicago markets.  Packages included shoes, apparel, personalized notes, and catalogs of Zoo York’s upcoming gear.

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