DIY – 60 Broken Skateboards Given New Life

Our quest for new furniture continues.  For the past many years, I’ve been cooped up at a bland, non-inspirational black Ikea desktop.  We needed color in the apartment but nothing over the top, especially with the amount of reclaimed wood and refurbished pieces that we’ve collected.

After working closely with the team over at SHUT Skateboards on some events, I decided to use the sidecut of skateboards and some inspiration via Haroshi.  Luckily, after some research online, I came across Focused Skateboard Woodworks out of Rotterdam and they’ve been building these tables from the same inspiration.  Turning warped and broken skateboards into a sturdy, solid desk is no easy task.  So, I studied Focused instagram photos to take some of the guesswork out of the full project.  Peel the griptape and stickers off the decks, cut the nose and tails, rip them longways into strips, and separate them by colors.  After three separate trips to SHUT to collect broken boards, I finally had enough strips to complete the desk.  I glued each strip and clamped in between.  Planed the whole table down and meticulously sanded the whole table top.  Added some mitered edges and put numerous coats over the whole thing.

I hope you enjoy the final product…

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