Natural, NTRL

Whilst working at ski resorts and navigating my way through college, I decided to stop buying beanies.  I would wear one almost every day but they would shrink, stain, pill, or have some sort of other problem.  The ones that I liked best were always knit and crochet.  So, I set off to a craft store and started to converse with an associate in the yarn section.  I told her that I wanted to learn how to make hats.  She grabbed an assortment of hooks and yarn and then proceeded to teach me a few stitches.  It was a decent instruction session, to see it firsthand, but it was not the exact type of hat that I wanted to make.  After spending a few hours searching the net and watching YouTube instructional videos, I had finished my first hat.  I can’t say that it came out perfect, there were definitely some flaws, so I passed it off to my mother.

100’s of hats later, I had created a side project known as “Natural”.

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