A Quick Birthday Trip

When given the option of a night out in the city vs. a trip to the Caribbean, Katy almost laughed.  I did some research and found some very reasonable flights to Tobago via JetBlue.  $303 round trip to be exact (This seems to be the going rate.  The price goes up a bit throughout other times of the year but for the most part, this bargain is always spot on).  Lodging was just as easy.  We split a long weekend over two parts of the island – Black Rock/Mt Irvine and Castara.

Our first lodging choice was Hibiscus Heights in Black Rock.  It was a perfect sized open layout with kitchen, queen bed, a daybed, balcony, and a short walk to tons of beaches.  The owners were beyond accommodating and owned a little restaurant down the hill with great Roti and other island grub.  This is the more populated side of the island but still very relaxed, enjoyable, and quiet.  A note of caution, you WILL be woken up by the Chachalaca almost anywhere you stay on the island.  The Mt Irvine area is prime for anyone looking for standard activities.  The golf course is nearby, Pigeon Point, Buccoo Reef, as well as the beach of Mt Irvine, if you’re up for some surfing.  Talk to George or Pablo on the beach – they will get you set up with boards and a lesson – maybe even some good music and rum during sunset.

The second leg of our trip brought us to Castara.  This place is stunning!  A small fishing village about 3/4 up the north coast, the drive alone is wonderful.  Rainforest plummeting into the ocean.  There’s not much to do in Castara if you need action.  Most of the entertainment comes from mixing with the locals, hiking to nearby waterfalls, swimming the waters, and sipping on rum during some prime sunsets.  Our first trip here led us to Castara Retreats.  270 Degree views of the sea and not much more noise than the birds coming to your villa to eat a banana.  Heading back soon, we’ve decided to stay closer to town and the beach in a similar type residence, SeaScape Tobago.

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