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Cedar Plank Grilled Salmon with Heirloom Carrots

Cedar plank grilled salmon over jasmine rice.  Locally sourced yogurt and a salad of heirloom carrots, basil, and ground cherries over top.  Drizzled with honey.

The Canyons: Tuna Fishing

Last weekend I had the opportunity to hop on a boat, cruise 75 miles away from the shore, and try my luck with some fish.  Although I have been out on a boat party fishing before, I had never been out to the Canyons in search of bigger game fish – especially Tuna and Dolphin ...

Wakesurfing: Lake Norman, NC

A one day break in NASCAR led us out to Lake Norman to hop on a Ski Nautique and shred some wakes.  Although it’s not quite surfing, this is for sure a fun way to kill a day on the lake and have some fun.  

BOA 500: Pit Stop w Kurt Busch and Mark “Hollywood” Armstrong

Here's a few photos from my first NASCAR race. While I was a bit apprehensive heading into the event, it turned out to be an absolute blast. Between meeting the Oakley sponsored drivers and sitting on the wall during a pit stop, I don't think I could've asked for a better first experience.

Whitewater Rafting the Snowmelt – Hudson River Gorge

Late winter/early Spring means snowmelt in the northeast and river rapids at their highest levels.  Following the Hudson River far north, the Hudson River Gorge offers excellent rafting and kayaking.  Leading the “Masters of the Elements” team, myself and 30 students from SUNY Orange took the river head on in frigid waters.

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