Tribeca Film Festival – “The Birth of Big Air” Feat. Mat Hoffman

We just got back from a night at the Tribeca Film Festival‘s Drive-In Theatre and the premiere of “The Birth of Big Air“, a documentary on the life of Mat Hoffman growing up in Oklahoma, the development of BMX freestyle and of course, big air.  The event space was amazing, extremely clean, plenty of fresh air, and a great ambiance set right on the river.  A few boats pulled right up next to the screen to grab a view, and there was ample seating and room to stretch your legs.  Set up at the World Financial Center Plaza, I could not think of a nicer way to check out some new flicks and enjoy a mellow night out.

The movie focused on Mat’s life and his career, always pushing the sport for his own pleasure.  There were no fancy competitions or high salaries, and sponsorship was scarce.  After blowing up on the professional circuit almost overnight, along with the rise of BMX riding, Matt quickly became the person to beat and progressed what everyone knew to be freestyle BMX.  Salaries started to increase and sponsors were more available for riders, until the sport hit a serious depression.  During this time, a select group of riders kept pushing themselves with Mat at the forefront.  No one else could air as high, let alone pull off the same tricks at those heights.

Needless to say, the movie was excellent and I highly recommend checking it out. It is playing again in the city next Saturday, May 1, 2010.  Check out the trailer below:

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