Tag: Easy

Leftover Ahi Tuna Turned Sandwich

Leftover Ahi mixed with some lemon juice, mayo, red onion, and capers. On a toasted baguette with arugula

Quinoa Bibimbap

Beet Sliders & Truffle Salt Blue Potato Chips

Panko crusted sliced beet, lemon goat cheese spread, crispy shallot, and pea shoots on a potato roll.  Served with sliced and fried blue potatoes sprinkled with truffle salt

Red Snapper over Coconut Rice, Orange Grapefruit Salsa on top

Red Snapper over coconut ginger rice and seared green onion.  Orange grapefruit salsa over the top.

DIY Hanging Lamp – Natural Looking Cord

During a trip to a rummage sale, we came across a lampshade that had a globe printed around it, immediately loved it, and brought it home.  For the next six months, it sat around while I would occasionally think about what to do with it.  Eventually, we had to do something.  A quick trip to ...

DIY Outdoor Pallet Furniture

So, we just moved into our new apartment with a ton more space (thank goodness) and we lucked out with a private outdoor area!  However, we needed to find some furniture to fill in the emptiness.  After searching around, we quickly realized that outdoor furniture was just as expensive as indoor furniture – and that ...

DIY Indoor Herb Garden, Part 1: The Greenhouse

So, it all started last year, when I decided that we were ready for a herb garden, to provide fresh herbs year-round.  We were tired of going to the grocery store, spending $3 for a bunch of herbs when we would only use half.  So, there it was.  We planted an herb garden.  Since we ...