DIY Hanging Lamp – Natural Looking Cord

During a trip to a rummage sale, we came across a lampshade that had a globe printed around it, immediately loved it, and brought it home.  For the next six months, it sat around while I would occasionally think about what to do with it.  Eventually, we had to do something.  A quick trip to Ikea left me with the electrical needs to turn it into an overhead lamp.

– Lampshade

– Ikea Hemma Cord Set –

Following the instructions to dismantle the Hemma Cord Set, HERE, we hung the light and quickly realized how ugly the wire running up the wall really was.  Unfortunately, we are renting so running new wiring is out of the question.  Off to Home Depot.

While en route to Home Depot, I thought back on my younger years when I used to create hemp necklaces and decided that I’d give it a shot once again.  Two lengths of 50′ manila rope and I was back home and underway.  If you’ve never made a hemp necklace, you can find instructions on youtube, vimeo, etc.

Anyways, here is the result.

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