Crispy Egg

A few months ago, I found a photo of a crispy egg and I was hooked. The balance of texture is incredible. Here’s one paired with red rice and kale.

Cooking these up couldn’t be easier.  I prefer cast iron for heat balance and non-stick.  Coat the bottom with a generous amount of Olive Oil and get it hot just to the point of smoking.  I’ve been experimenting with a pepper infused oil to give the egg some backend heat and I’m sure you could use other infused oil’s as well.  As soon as the oil heats up, crack the egg and drop it right in.  On immediate contact, the egg should bubble up and start crisping up around the edges.  Let the egg become crispy around the edges and on the bottom, remove it from the pan and remove the excess oil.  Plate it up and enjoy…



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