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Falmenta, Spoccia, Premia, Formazza, Cascata Del Toce – Italy

This was a last minute day trip to get out and experience the nature in and around Stresa.  By the end of the day, we had travelled quite a bit but every mile we pushed further, left us with another great memory.

Locarno, Switzerland via the Centovalli Express Train. Return via the Lago Maggiore Ferry.

This is a day excursion with plenty of easy sightseeing. We took the train from Stresa to Domodossola, hopped on the Centovalli Express scenic train through the hills and border of Italy, stopped in Locarno Switzerland, and took the ferry back to Stresa.

Lunecco and L’Orrido Di S. Anna, Italy

A quick day hike/swim/cliff jump into the Gorge of St Anna near Cannobio, Italy.

Stresa, Italy

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