SXM Surf

This year’s trip to SXM was beautiful as always but unfortunately, not jam packed with surf.  The first week that we were there, the island was flat.  Even the typical East Coast windchop spots were more suited for snorkeling (which we partook in).  Once the second week came around, so did the North swells and some fun little lines to play around on.

Mullet Bay had a few days straight with some backside lines coming through while Cupecoy was bigger and more powerful but completely taken over by backwash.  The typical point at Cupecoy was still rideable but we later found another peak down the beach with a super fun, powerful right.

Another day at Wilderness had some large, outside sets running cleanup but if you were able to get on one, it has a really nice inside line.  Overall, we definitely scored some fun waves.

Enjoy the photos.

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