Brooklyn Bike Park

BMW x Brooklyn Bike Park

Super late to the game, I finally managed to get over to Williamsburg to check out the new pump track.  Joe at BMW ( was nice enough to let me borrow his bike for a few hours and push through the rollers.  It turned out to be insanely fun and quite addicting.  The park seems to have such a positive impact on the community.  We met 5 year old groms, 12 year olds skipping out on their chores, veterans of all ages, and 30 year olds just starting out.  If you haven’t made it yet, be sure to get over to Brooklyn Bike Park.  Situated just under the Williamsburg bridge and about a block from the water, this is a super fun way to spend a few hours.  Check out the website at for more information.  Here’s a quick video from dose.

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