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Stresa, Italy

Travels, people, food, and the best wedding I have ever attended...

Summer’s Wave Goodbye: Hurricane Cristobal

Last week marked the last week of the “summer” with Labor Day sales and Back to School signs everywhere.  Fortunately, Hurricane Cristobal sent a super fun day of swell to the East Coast while the West Coast received the swell of the decade from Hurricane Marie.  Playing off of the wind, myself and a few ...

Scallop Crudo

Fresh caught scallops from Amagansett Seafood Store.

Fun Ones at Home

Some fun little waves in Seaside Heights, NJ…

Turns via Surfline Playback

Here's a quick turn from a Surfline camera playback turned into a short sequence.

Grilled Tuna, Red Cabbage Slaw, Green Banana Escabeche

Grilled Tuna with a fresh red cabbage slaw and a mango puree. Green banana escabeche on the side.

Pan Fried Blowfish

Blowfish marinated in milk, tossed in chili oil, rolled in flour, and put directly in a hot pan.

Reclaiming Hoboken, One Beam at a Time – DIY Console Table

After upgrading our couch to a deep sectional, we were in serious need of a console table to run behind it.  Unfortunately for the charm of Hoboken but luckily for us, certain people are purchasing brownstones nearby and gutting them of original beams.  I happened to stumble across one of these renovations and came out ...


Gonzo in SoHo

Don’t call it a comeback… Gonzo goes for a quick rip through NYC.