Reclaiming Hoboken, One Beam at a Time – DIY Console Table

After upgrading our couch to a deep sectional, we were in serious need of a console table to run behind it.  Unfortunately for the charm of Hoboken but luckily for us, certain people are purchasing brownstones nearby and gutting them of original beams.  I happened to stumble across one of these renovations and came out of the conversation a few heart pine beams richer.  After hours of brushing and sanding, the character of the wood came to surface and was quickly turned into the top surface of this wrap-around console table.  Another beam was sanded down for the standing posts and 10-inch nails hold the table together.  About $80 (including the power sander) for an amazing table made of 150 year-old beams.  One mans trash certainly is another man’s treasure.

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