Samuel H. Gardner – A Real Life Forrest Gump?

Samuel H. Gardner was born with a early stage defect, he was forced to wear leg braces the first few years of his life.  Developing throughout life into a true outdoorsman, he has faced may challenges and physical roadblocks, ultimately leading him to go All-In.

In January of 2011, Samuel will set off on a year-long hike, hitting all of the major trails of the United States.  Beginning in New York, he will hike along the northern border of the United States to North Dakota, catch a train south to the trailhead of the Pacific Coast Trail, ending near the northern border of Washington.  Continuing from the north, he will then hike down the Continental Divide Trail, take a train to Maine, and finish his trek in Georgia, the end of the Appalachian Trail.

All I can say to Sam is good luck, we will follow you along your route and hopefully, be able to meet up and hike a bit with you.  Have a great trip.  For more information, head over to

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