Summer Hike – 45 Minutes North of NYC

Recently the weather has been up and down, leaving varying ideas for how to spend our time.  We woke up bored one Sunday morning, got breakfast, and decided to head out to Bear Mountain for a quick hike.  After a quick scurry to pack gear for the afternoon and to map out the trail, we were on our way.  We arrived, parked the car on RT 9 just south of the main park entrance, and found the trailhead.  We climbed up Bald Mtn to the lookout point and then dropped off the backside, walked through the ravine to the west of the viewpoint, through Doodletown, and back out to the car.  Overall, we took our time and clocked in 5 miles in just a few hours.  The hike was far from gruesome, had some great viewpoints and camping spots, tons of great photography, and is easily hike-able with children.  The hyperlink below will bring you to a trail map.  Enjoy!


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