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Scallop Crudo

Fresh caught scallops from Amagansett Seafood Store.

Grilled Tuna, Red Cabbage Slaw, Green Banana Escabeche

Grilled Tuna with a fresh red cabbage slaw and a mango puree. Green banana escabeche on the side.

Leftover Ahi Tuna Turned Sandwich

Leftover Ahi mixed with some lemon juice, mayo, red onion, and capers. On a toasted baguette with arugula

End of Summer Lobster Feast

Grilled lobster tails and corn, gallo pinto, no-mayo cole slaw.  All of the shells and claw meat was saved for a cool night, homemade lobster risotto…

Linguini a Pomodoro

DIY Indoor Herb Garden, Part 3: Hydroponics

The success with the AeroGarden led me to research hydroponics and the pros and cons associated with them.  I had no idea how large of an industry this was, or how many people are actively engaged in hydroponics as a hobby or a living.  After researching hydroponics and the different systems available, I realized that ...

Seared Tuna Over Arugula and Fava Beans

        Cumin rubbed seared tuna over arugula w/ fava beans in a basil-citrus vinagrette

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