Healthy, Hearty, and a Happy New Year! – Cedar Plank Roasted Salmon w/ Dill Yogurt over Roasted Potatoes

Similar to most New Year’s resolutions, the idea of living an even healthier life in some respect is also on my resolution list and cutting out unnecessary calories is right up there.  While it’s only a few days in, it is also dumping snow in the northeast and hearty is the way to go.  This final dish had crispy and tangy potatoes with a smoky salmon and a cooling, fresh herb sauce.

I began with chopped baby red and fingerling potatoes tossed with olive oil, S+P and then roasted until crispy around the edges.  A few minutes before they were done, I tossed them with a splash of apple cider vinegar and some sliced shallots, and then put them back in for five minutes or so.  The salmon was cooked in the oven over a cedar plank with salt and pepper, just until the edges started to deepen in color and crisp up.  The yogurt sauce is for sure the star of this dish.  I walked over to the dairy aisle at the store and came upon siggi’s Icelandic-style cream-skyr.  I mixed this up with some fresh cracked pepper, garlic, sea salt, and heaps of dill and it went on the salmon right out of the oven.

Pretty incredible!

Hearty but Healthy

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